Trolling/Pelagic Fishing

Trolling for fish is a great trip for the whole family! The trip consists of running the boat at a slower speed while dragging a reflective spinner at the end of the line. During the spring while the water is still cold, we will mostly bring in Spanish Mackerel. Late spring and through summer is when the King Mackerel bite is strongest. This fish offers a satisfying fight and is an awesome fish for photography shots. We also offer overnight trips which include bottom fishing and trolling offshore for pelagic fish such as Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, and Barracuda.

Bottom Fishing

Bottom fishing in the Gulf of Mexico is one of the main reasons people come down to Panama City Beach. Our natural and man-made reefs are full of a variety of fish, with some of the most favored being Red Snapper and Grouper. Bottom fishing is done by dropping live or frozen bait down to the ocean floor and waiting for a bite. With such a wide range of fish species, you never know what you will catch. Bottom fishing can be done year round with the hottest time being in the summer.

“Your professionalism and effort the entire trip was outstanding!”

-Ben Padilla

Our goal is to provide a relaxing, enjoyable, fun filled day out on the water! Get away from it all, and bring your family and friends!

We aim to create lasting relationships with our customers so that they continue to choose us to take their friends and families fishing for years to come! We are a professional charter business, and will provide a professional service! We hope to exceed our clients expectations and leave them wanting to return every season for the experience of a lifetime! We are located at one of the most beautifully maintained marinas in Panama City Beach. Bay Point Marina is an exclusive marina located in a gated community which offers our clients a nice place to park and enjoy their fishing experience like no other.